Home Videos Eminem plays the psychopaths on the run in the "Framed" video.
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Eminem plays the psychopaths on the run in the "Framed" video.

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Published On 04 April 2018

Description :

After "Walk on Water" and "River", Eminem returns with the bloody video "Framed", a new excerpt from his latest album Revival .

Did you wait for Slim Shady? Here's a dark version like never before. Two months after the release of his last clip, the rapper from Missouri returns with the completely crazy visuals of the highest-rated title of his album, "Framed".

In the clip the interpreter of "Not Afraid" plunges us into a frame straight out of an old horror film. Eminem is cloistered in a house full of corpses and moves in all directions.

While accused of a series of murders, the rapper claims he was "framed", ie trapped. But hey, with his clothes stained with blood and his very detailed description of the different murders, the rapper seems to be the culprit. The inspector who confronts him has a hard time believing it.

So we find a very obscure staging that totally matches the gloomy world of the title.

While many of his fans have criticized the artist for the absence of his completely hit alter ego, he is present in "Framed", and he seems more reassembled than ever.